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Professional Website Design & Digital Advertising Agency. We provide an array of professional web services for business and personal use in Lake Cowichan.  Read more...


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Horse Personalities Inc.

People unfamiliar with the equestrian world might think "a horse is a horse of course". But people who work or share their lives with horses, are well aware that like people, each horse has his or her own unique personality. Is your horse a Rock Star? A. More about this Webstore...

The book: "Is Your Horse a Rock Star? Understanding Your Horse's Personality" The stables: Liberty Stables The methodology: liberty Also: riding lessons, seminars and boarding of horses

Weeping Willow Wizard

The Weeping Willow Wizard offers webdesign, hand crafted wood toys, hand woven wool rugs and has now self published a children's book.. More about this Webstore...

Custom web design, all natural non-toxic wooden toys, hand woven 100 % wool rugs, books